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We offer a vast range of application solutions including branded and in-house rivets in a number of sizes and different materials, rivet nuts including open and closed end, flat, csk and reduced head, installation equipment 
and a wide range of globally referenced aerospace and defence wire thread Helicoil insert products.


Serving a wide range of customers within aerospace, automotive, building and construction, defence, ground transportation and light manufacturing our dynamic team will deliver a high level of service with good attention to detail.


Rivetwise is a trusted distributor and solution provider.

Our capabilities and expertise make us the first choice application support specialists for manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. We are rivet tool and rivet nut tool experts.

Our specialist knowledge will help you find the right tool for the job. We also offer bespoke tool maintenance programmes and tool repairs. Our stock replenishment solutions can offer a seamless solution for your inventory and offers a one-stop solution for all of your application needs.

Tool repairs

With extensive experience within the air tool repair trade Rivetwise can offer a quick response to solving most rivet & rivet nut tool repair situations.

We are an officially approved factory service centre for major brands including STANLEY® Engineered Fastening, Avdel® & POP®, GESIPA®, FAR and Lobster. Our planned Preventative Tool Maintenance Programme allows you to take a more proactive approach and will help to keep your tools in optimal working condition.

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Tool Consultancy & Training

Do you need help with your installation equipment? Our tool services will help you find the correct equipment to suit your application requirements.

We offer training for staff in tool usage to help minimise downtimes in repairs, and provide cost-effective maintenance solutions that will prolong the life of your riveting system.

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Don’t just take our word for it

“We found Rivetwise through an internet search. We needed to use aluminium for some fixing plates for a motor rig that is used by Invertek for testing. The motor test rig would have different motors fitted frequently. As the fixings were stainless steel we required some helicoils that would prevent galling in the aluminium plates and also galvanic corrosion. We worked with Rivetwise to find the right helicoil for the job. The fact that we could buy the taps and fitment tools from the same source as the helicoils really impressed us. This provided reassurance that the plate make could implement the solution effectively. Rivetwise were extremely accommodating throughout the process. Anna is one of the friendliest and genuinely caring sales people I have had the pleasure to work with.” Ben Roper, Innovation Test Engineer, Invertek Drives (Helicoil Products)

Moduflow have worked with Rivetwise for a number of years and found their service with regards to the supply of fasteners first class. We were Unaware that Rivetwise could offer a diagnosis and repair service for the Gespia equipment so it came as a great surprise when we discovered that we could have our faulty gun repaired at less than half the cost of a new replacement.

Rivetwise sent us a loan gun while our Gespia gun was being repaired, so that production wouldn’t be affected. The problem with our gun was quickly diagnosed and we received our gun back within the same week we sent it away. The repaired gun works like a new product, we were so impressed we sent the smaller version to Rivetwise to be serviced.

Moduflow not only saved money repairing the Gespia gun, by not buying new, we proved that we can work inside our ISO 14002 standard and reduce our environmental impact. Chris Warrender Technical Manager Moduflow Fan Systems Ltd. (Tool Repair Services at Rivetwise)

“I rang customer service and spoke to a really nice lady. I explained what I needed and that we were based in Ireland and were hoping that the order could be dispatched that day. The lady went out of her way to help and was so nice, friendly and knowledgeable about the products. I had the order confirmation and Invoice within 5 minutes of completing the call.  As we are based in Ireland I thought it might take 3-4 working days to get our order but we received it on Monday morning.

You couldn’t ask for better customer service than that. I would highly recommend Rivetwise and look forward to doing continued business with them.”

HVAC Customer, Ireland.  
“POP PNT210 Rivet Nut Tool. It is perfect for the user who likes a job done with the least amount of effort, it is not as fast as some other hand operated units but in my opinion it is a lot easier to use. The only negative is the lack of a proper storage case. Other than that it’s a great tool and I would highly recommend it. I would also like to mention the service by Rivet Holdings Ltd. It was a pleasure dealing with them and I will definatly be using them again in the near future. They fulfilled my urgent request as a first time customer without hesitance and I promptly received the ordered products.” EM - County Kildare Eire  
"I would just like to thank you for the technical support and training we received when recently purchased the PNT800L pressure control tool. The tool has solved the problems of stripped threads and "spinning rivnuts" that we were having as well as speeding up production. The tool will pay for itself in no time." IN - West Midlands
"Just wanted to let you know that I did evaluate other rivet companies, most didn't offer the choice of rivets you do and often their production quality was poor and some are just way to expensive for a small company like ours. Here are some factors that persuaded me to stick with you guys (to help your future customer research and evaluation etc.." Josh
"Please thank the guys for getting a replacement part out for my PNT410 so quickly. Excellent service! " Mr.W - Leeds
"All to my complete satisfaction – I was much impressed by the products you offer." B Seymour - York
"Just wanted to let you know that I did evaluate other rivet companies, most didn't offer the choice of rivets you do and often their production quality was poor and some are just way to expensive for a small company like ours. Here are some factors that persuaded me to stick with you guys (to help your future customer research and evaluation etc.." Josh